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P Montana presents Rah Boy Vol. 1

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In a world where DJ’s are not just DJ’s anymore but are more active in the production and curation side of music, and rightly so. DJ P Montana drops a big big project and if I’m honest, a timeless project at that entitled Rah Boy Vol.1 ..

DJ P Montana collaborates with a wide variety of UK artists ranging from Lotto Boyz, SNE to Eugy and Sona. Now this tape is not entirely UK Afrobeats as some of the artists featured are not in the genre however it mimics a link up across the various genres in the UK including U.K. Afro and boy am I obsessed. I’m not joking when I say this project is timeless. Normally everyone always has the one or two songs that you think are good but rarely get played again but not on this tape, DJ P Montana has created singlesssss.


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Tracks to listen to !!

Innocent ft Eugy & Kwamz n Flava :-

This is my favourite UK Afro track on the tape, Eugy & Kwamz Flava on the collab. We all know not to expect nothing less than bangers from both artists, so together it’s only gonna be a vibe

Plantain and Dumplin ft Lotto Boyz 
→ Red Bull ft NSG
→ Touching ft YFS & Krissy Gunz
→ AMA ft GB
→ Ghetto ft w1zzy & raysmusik

It goes without mention that the producers for this production went in. ATG Musick & WHOELSEBUTJUELZ were on fire throughout this tape, if you’ve listened or haven’t listened go and listen to the beats again, some of the outro’s had me wanting to jump out my window, honestly!
Most of the tracks were collaborations between producers such as those mentioned above, J Strngs and a few others, and they created some beautiful beats!!



You know when you see Vol.1, there’s has to be a Vol.2 so StrictlyAfroUK will be waiting…
Thank You DJ P Montana & Artists

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