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NewAgeMuzik x Serious

Screenshot 2017-10-07 22.15.49.png

Watch the visuals then come back to read this!! …

Listen, NewAgeMuzik have NEVER been shy of the bangers, if anything, their hits and unique sound is what made me a fan, but what I am almost jumping out of my window for is the direction in which they’re going in, the only way is up from here! I mean, tell me those visuals were not sick?!

“Musically, we wanted to bring the energy with ‘Serious’ and stake our claim as a force to be reckoned with in 2017. Most of our previous singles are quite mid-tempo, what the scene might consider as ‘vibes’, but we don’t want to be boxed in by that, so we did something totally different and outside of the box for ‘Serious 


This is exactly what I expect from the Afro-Fusion Collective and I am confident these guys will be bringing it every release after this, they really turned up the heat .. So if you’re not already, get following, get liking and most importantly get streaming!!



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